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Key Personnel

To contact the teacher during office hours, please dial "6796 2" followed by the extension number (i.e. 6796 2XXX).

Academic Studies Student Development  

Ms Choo Siew Bee
Phone Ext: 403

Ms Ho Wai Mun
Phone Ext: 618

Language Arts Mother Tongue Mathematics
Mrs Fiona Ngiam
Phone Ext: 552
Mr Kay Ren Tat
Phone Ext: 614
Mr Leong Wai Lup
Phone Ext: 581
Science Humanities  
Mr Liu Heok Hing
Phone Ext: 588
Mrs Janet Ng
Phone Ext: 560
Information Communication Technology Education Technology Physical Education &
Co-Curricular Activities
Mr Heng Jee Sin
Phone Ext: 432
Mr Lau Chee Keen
Phone Ext: 433
Mr Ling Beng Huat
Phone Ext: 430
Character and Citizenship Education    
Mrs Catherine Cheong
Phone Ext: 595
Mother Tongue Mathematics  
Subject Head
Mdm Chu Suat Bee
Phone Ext: 514
Subject Head
Mrs Ruth Tan
Phone Ext: 584
Chemistry Biology  
Subject Head
Mrs Tan Seot Cheng
Phone Ext: 599
Subject Head
Mrs May Liow
Phone Ext: 591
Geography Social Studies  
Subject Head
Mrs Lim Yin Yoke
Phone Ext: 571
Subject Head
Mr Terence Goh
Phone Ext: 568
Integrated Programme Knowledge and Research  
Subject Head
Mrs Hor Foong Yee

Phone Ext: 550
Subject Head
Mr Christopher Ow
Phone Ext: 524
Physical Education &
Co-Curricular Activities
Aesthetics Arts
Subject Head
Mr Dan Ho
Phone Ext: 652
Subject Head
Ms Tsien Jiuan Jiuan
Phone Ext: 619
Subject Head
Mrs Natasha Tay
Phone Ext: 544
Community Service & Advocacy Student Leadership / Prefect Mistress Education and Career Guidance
Subject Head
Mr Dennis Auyang
Phone Ext: 566
Subject Head
Mrs Chen Kok Peng
Phone Ext: 558
Subject Head
Ms Kek Lay Yen
Phone Ext: 548
Secondary 1 Secondary 1  

Year Head
Mrs Natalie Lim
Phone Ext: 530

Assistant Year Head
Mrs Jenny Ng
Phone Ext: 422
Secondary 2 Secondary 2  
Year Head (Lower Secondary)
Mrs Marilyn Ng
Phone Ext: 598
Assistant Year Head
Ms Jennifer Chue
Phone Ext: 651
Secondary 3 Secondary 3  

Senior Year Head (Upper Secondary)
Ms Carol Tay
Phone Ext: 575

Assistant Year Head
Mr Julian Teo
Phone Ext: 533

Secondary 4 Secondary 4  
Year Head
Mrs Sally E 
Phone Ext: 592
Assistant Year Head
Mr Ling Lek Suan
Phone Ext: 554
Character and Citizenship Education Language Arts Language Arts
Lead Teacher (History)
Ms Koh Suan Chu
Phone Ext: 564
Senior Teacher
Ms Monica Bong

Phone Ext: 547
Senior Teacher (Curriculum)
Mrs Beatrice Leong
Phone Ext: 526
Chemistry Mathematics  

Senior Teacher
Mr David Loh

Phone Ext: 572

Senior Teacher
Mrs Karen Chia

Phone Ext: 579

Cyber Wellness Citizenship Education Student Leadership
Sarah_Poon.jpg Jasmine-Goh.jpg
Programme Head
Mrs Serene Loh
Phone Ext: 528
Programme Head
Ms Sarah Poon
Phone Ext: 647
Programme Head
Ms Jasmine Goh
Phone Ext: 593
Finance Student Affairs  
Ms Cheryl Chan
Mrs Joyce Ang
Finance Administration Human Resources
   Ms Yong Sheue Horng  
Senior Manager
Mrs Jacqueline Tan
Senior Manager
Ms Yong Sheue Horng
Senior Manager
Ms Melissa Ow
Corporate Communications  Information Technology Support Operations
Mrs Tay Sue-Mei
Mr Edmund Wong
Mr Yeoh Yong Kee